Our experienced auto body repair professionals deliver a quality collision repair process featuring the highest standards!

Process for Auto Body Repair

Work at our auto body and collision repair center is performed by established professionals who deliver great results with high efficiency. It is common for people to experience anxiety after automobile collisions. After an accident, automobile owners may face the tough decision of selecting a collision repair shop that will efficiently execute the highest quality of repair work possible. For this reason, we strive to perform quality repair services in a short amount of time. We offer estimates for the repair costs in addition to the length of time the repair will take to complete. The auto body repair process is detailed and proficient so our customers may leave happy after repair work has been completed.


Chatham Kent Auto Body Repair

Experienced collision repair specialists first inspect your vehicle to determine the extent of the damage. This visual inspection is performed without disassembling any parts of your vehicle. With the use of special repair estimate software, our workers may provide a detailed initial estimate for the repair work costs. However, the estimate at this point does not include hidden damage may not be visible before the repair process has begun.


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Next, the generated appraisal is analyzed to determine if your vehicle costs more than than the price of the required repair work. If the cost of the repair work exceeds the cost of your vehicle, your vehicle is considered totaled. Occasionally we negotiate with the insurance company to determine the acceptable costs of the work that needs to be performed on your vehicle for proper restoration.


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To determine if there are any underlying issues to the body of your vehicle, we must disassemble it for further analysis. If new problems are uncovered, we will contact your insurance company again to update the appraisal for the repair work to determine if the additional costs will be covered.


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After approval from your auto insurance company, we are able to order the parts necessary to complete the auto body repair. To ensure that the repair process is performed in a timely manner, we place these orders as soon as possible. This expedites the repair process which ultimately enables us to please our customers while relieving them of their stress and other complications that may have arisen due to the accident.



Automobile collisions often compromise the integrity of your vehicle. We perform high quality repair work to ensure that your vehicle is restored to its original strength for safety and cosmetic purposes. For accuracy and precision, we use a state of the art measuring system to aid in the completion of the repair work. In addition to the use of computer software, specialized equipment is also used to make sure the best work may be performed on your vehicle. Our tools allow us to restore your vehicle back to the default factory specifications.


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During the next stage of auto body repair, panels on the exterior of your vehicle may need to be replaced. Often, without replacing damaged panels, complete visual rejuvenation is not possible. Our professionals make sure that your vehicle is precisely repaired by carefully aligning the new metal panels. This ensures the completion of high quality repair work.


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One of the most important factors of auto body repairs is the paint job. To ensure that the new panels properly match the undamaged panels, several steps are performed. Each panel that will be painted must be carefully prepared. A primer is then applied to seal the metal and to allow the paint to stick properly. The preparation stage of the paint job is the most important part of the repainting process. If the metal is not properly prepared, the paint job will not be as uniform and accurate as possible. Afterwards, paint and clear coats are carefully applied. The preparation our auto body repair shop performs is difficult to compete with, making our repair work superior to other shops.


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Once the panels have been painted, your vehicle is precisely reassembled. In addition to the repaired panels, the molding and other components are reinstalled at this point. After reassembly, your vehicle is ready for final detailing before we return it to you.


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During the repair process, it is possible that your vehicle has accrued dirt and other residue. For this reason we always clean your vehicle before the final inspection. During these last steps, our staff throughly inspects your vehicle to ensure your satisfaction upon returning it to you.