auto body structure-repairs chatham-kent ontario

Auto bodies are built using different construction methods including body on frame construction and unibody construction. Trucks and SUVs use body on frame while most other cars and small SUVs utilize unibody construction. Both types provide strength and collision safety. The frames are designed to crumble in specific areas to protect the passengers and best absorb the impact from collisions. In addition, the frame determines the specifications of the vehicle. Most collisions cause minor to major frame damage that requires repair. Often the entire area around the affected spot or rail may need replacement or advanced auto body repair because the frame has lost strength. Both the original shape and original strength must be restored during collision repair.

Automobiles must undergo special procedures during auto body repair for proper restoration. Upon collision impact, certain areas of the frame may become condensed literally, meaning the molecules that make up the metal are squished close to one another. A special machine called the Korak frame rack holds the automobile using clamps and is used to fix compressed areas of frames to their original condition through a process called stress relief. This strong machine utilizes hydraulic rams that can pull with up to 20,000 pounds of force allowing the frame may be properly restored. Not only does this auto body repair center utilize machines to pull damaged frames back to original conditions, but our Shark electronic system measures the frame during collision repair and monitors the progress.

It also provides pre-repair and post-repair measurements of the vechicle for technical documentation. The damaged frame must be restored to its original height, width, and length for the rest of the parts to fit and be aligned properly. After the structure of the vehicle is repaired, a routine alignment of all four wheels is performed.