Chatham-Kent Auto Body Repair Shop

There are several steps to follow if you have been involved in an automobile accident. After the required information has been collected, a claim may be filed with your insurance company. You may choose a repair facility for any auto body repair and collision repair work that may be required due to damages from the accident.

In the moments after a traffic accident has occurred, it is important not to panic. Staying calm is crucial especially for contacting emergency services in case you or a passenger needs medical attention. At this time it is important to thoroughly inspect the damages your vehicle and other involved vehicles sustained. You may need these notes when later making the claim as well as for overall collision repair damage estimates.

After the vehicles have been inspected, it is legally required that all involved parties exchange information. Necessary information includes names of all drivers and passengers, associated addresses, and phone numbers. Insurance information must be exchanged. Also, exchange vehicle identification numbers in addition to the make, model, color, license plate, and description of the vehicle. It is important to obtain the vehicle identification number because the insurance company may have filed the vehicle using that number instead of the license plate.

Not only must accidents be reported to insurance, but some must also be reported to the police. This is a legal requirement in cases when property damages amount to or exceed $1000. In certain cities, alternative methods of reporting property damage are offered. The Collision Reporting Centre location operates along with Accident Support Services and is open 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. weekdays.

It ma be more convenient yet just as safe as reporting to the police. To use this service, all involved drivers must be in agreement and the damages must not exceed $1000. Otherwise, the police need to be contacted to create a report. In the event of a collision that has caused only minor damage to the vehicles involved, information should be exchanged prior to going to report at the headquarters to report it. The drivers should exchange their driver’s licenses, address, license plate, vehicle description, and insurance information. Automobile collisions may be reported in the Municipality within 48 hours as long as no parties involved are injured. It is recommended to contact the police for on site assistance if you vehicle needs to be towed for collision repair. If drug use or alcohol use is suspected, it is important to call the police for further investigation since the Collision Reporting Centre cannot address this issue.

Often times vehicles involved in automobile accidents are rendered not drivable. If this is the case, your have the option to have your vehicle towed directly to our facility for auto body repair and other collision repair work. Your vehicle will simply be towed to a police impound if you are not sure which facility to have perform repairs. Vehicles that are not drivable must be secured for towing with special equipment. Our facility will gladly arrange auto body repair work and accommodate damaged vehicles.

At the time of the accident, involved parties may not want to immediately rush into making decisions regarding insurance and repairs. After the collision has been reported and you have settled down from the event, it is necessary to decide whether the claim will go through insurance or not. If you choose to have your vehicle towed to our location, we will appraise the damage that we can see before you leave. This estimate may help you determine which option to choose.

You have the option to select the repair facility where auto body repair work will be performed if an insurance claim is made. The insurance adjuster will administer a list of recommended repair shops nearby. These “Direct Repair Shops” are credible and trusted by the insurance companies. Our facility will work in coordination by providing your insurance with a virtual appraisal for estimated damages. The insurance will review the appraisal to be authorized. Leading manufacturers back our warranty on vehicle repairs performed at our facility.